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Get a sense of what to expect from the CCM 2010 Annual Conference with our “Four questions with…” speaker series. Today’s guest is Bob Kelleher, Founder, The Employee Engagement Group; Former Chief Human Capital Officer, AECOM.

1) Tell us a little bit about you.
I founded The Employee Engagement Group after acting as the Human Capital Officer for AECOM, a Fortune 500 professional services firm with 43,000 global employees, and EVP and COO for ENSR, a global environmental consulting firm. ENSR was acquired by AECOM in 2005.

While at ENSR, I introduced and spearheaded cutting edge employee engagement, communication, and workforce initiatives. I saw what happens when you communicate openly, honestly, and frequently with your employees – both good and bad news. I saw what happens when you invest more in the development of your staff than your competitors. I saw what happens when you include employees in the development of your strategic plan – they help you get there (because they own it)!

2) What is one thing CCM Conference attendees will learn that they didn’t know before your presentation?
You’ll hear about “The Sustainable Organization” – 13 trends all leaders need to focus on. I’ll outline today’s most pressing workforce trends, including workforce demographic changes, generational differences, globalization, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, social networks, and innovation.

3) After your session, what will attendees bring back to their jobs?
Attendees will take away a renewed sense of urgency that we need to do something today to ensure our workforce is sustainable for tomorrow. Although many of my 13 trends are familiar, the recession has dulled the urgency to take action and has put a filter on potential aggregate ramifications of these trends, including the upcoming effects of globalization and workforce demographic changes.

4) What’s in your crystal ball for “What’s Next” in Communications for 2010 and beyond?
I believe the war for talent will resume with a vengeance, and many employers will be caught by surprise. The demographics don’t lie – boomers will start to retire, and the generation in its wake is considerably smaller. Corporate communication processionals will increasingly get involved with internal employee engagement branding strategies. Enlightened organizations will spend as much time marketing their employer brand as they currently do their service and/or product brand.


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Thank you, sponsors!

This year, the Annual CCM Conference will add even one more way for you to network with the best minds and find out What’s Next.  On Wednesday evening, May 5, we will be hosting a networking session with our current members, potential new members from the East Coast and some of the best minds in the consulting business, who have chosen to sponsor this year’s CCM Conference.

Knowing that all CCM members have at least 10 years of experience and over 60% have 20+ years of experience, this is definitely an event not to be missed.  Where else can you find that much brain power and knowledge in just one room!  In addition, for this event, our sponsors will be sharing their best practice tools, tips and case studies.  This year’s sponsors include:

  • Platinum sponsors:  The Grossman Group and Pfizer
  • Gold sponsor:  Sinickas Communications, Inc.,
  • Bronze sponsors:  Connect Consulting Group, Rhoades Communication, ROI Communication and Bridge Consulting and CNA
  • Event sponsors:  Snap Communications and Mt. Royal University

It’s the support of these sponsors that make it possible for CCM to continue to provide learning and networking opportunities for the best minds in the business. If you’d like to add your name to this prestigious list of sponsors, we still have opportunities available.

Be sure to include this networking event as a “must do” when planning your conference itinerary!

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Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow, Oh My!  It may not be as sexy as Lady Gaga or other hot topics of 2009, but financial communication is no longer limited to top management and the nerdy investor relations folks.  It’s hot for business.  Companies are discovering that there is a distinct competitive advantage to be gained by communicating financial information with all of their employees.

Study after study has demonstrated that actions and words of leaders are the biggest drivers of employee engagement, morale and productivity.  So if the language of leaders is accounting, why are senior communicators constantly translating these messages into cute, condescending, ‘What’s In It For Me’ campaign speak under the pretense of making it more meaningful?

Employees aren’t stupid- they create budgets, balance their bank accounts, negotiate home and car purchases, and make sophisticated 401K decisions.  They aren’t toddlers either, and are more than capable of spotting corporate smokescreens. So all the cutesy and clever acronym G.O.O, goo, GaGa, Ra Ra Change Management talk really does nothing other than create bigger barriers and greater distrust.

If the Why for change is based on numbers, it’s better to save your creative interpretation for Karaoke night and communicate the core financial information directly with your employees.

Don’t take my word for how steamy this topic has become… Ethan McCarty, editor-in-chief of IBM’s global intranet, will be sharing solutions in effectively communicating financial information with employees in over 100 countries at the Annual 2010 CCM Conference May 5-7 in Philadelphia PA.


Rick Spratley (member since 2009)

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